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Cassette blinds installation manual (incl day&night blinds)


The cassette blinds installation manual is suitable for both classic blinds and for day&night blinds. Before installing, make sure that the package and its contents are intact and complete.

Cassette blinds package includes:

  • Blinds in cassette 1pc
  • Side strips (c-strip) 2pcs
  • Side strips lower cover 2pcs
  • Chain stopper 2pcs
  • Screws 4pc

Cassette blinds installation manual

  1. Check the blinds dimensions on the window by placing the blinds on the window frame. Also check the length of the side strips.
  2. Clean the top and side parts of the window frame with a damp cloth (and dry)  so that the tape attaches better to the window frame.
  3. Remove the tape from the back side of the cassette and attach the cassette to the window frame as directly as possible. The top edge of the cassette should remain on the top of the window frame and strip (partly in front of the glass).
  4. One way to simplify the installation is to install the side strips of the cassette first and then place the cassette to a suitable height.
  5. Install screws in the upper screw holes in the cassette (remove the plastic covers from the edges of the cassette). Avoid screwing the screws too tightly. Do not install lower screws yet.
  6. Remove the tape from the side strips and place the side strips onto the window slats. Make sure that you place the side strips on the window slats in the way that they do not interfere with the movement of the fabric, but cover at least 1cm on each side to keep the fabric behind the strips when rolling.
  7. Install the lower screws of the cassette and tighten the upper screws.
  8. Fix the plastic covers of the cassette.
  9. The knob at the end of the chain should remain at a height of 10-20cm from the window sill. If necessary, open the chain connector and cut the chain shorter.
  10. Roll the blinds against the bottom window frame and place the chain stopper, which will prevent misuse of blinds.
  11. Pull the blinds up and place the second chain stopper, which will prevent the fabric from being pulled up too much.

Cassette blinds manual for measurement

The cassette blinds are installed directly onto the window frame. We use curved c-type strips for the cassette blinds. The manual for measuring the cassette blinds depends on the type of window profile. The width of the blinds is a the outer dimension of the window strips.