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Portable insect net with metal frame

Mosquito net – 3 reasons why you should have ordered already yesterday

It is a well known fact that insects play an important role in nature. Various species are the food source for many fish, birds and reptiles, and without them most plants would not be pollinated. But we all know damn well that they don’t do tasks between the walls of our homes … That’s why the RULO’s insect net helps to keep all kinds of insects where they are – outdoors!

If this was yet not a sufficient selling point for you, then we will immediately point out three more iron-fast points why you should have made this wise purchase yesterday or even the day before yesterday.

1. It’s convenient and easy to install!

No matter how much you care about your windows, you don’t want to stick nets there. The result is not aesthetic and later scouring the glue marks is not very fun. It only takes a few minutes to install a framed network. Honestly, it takes more time to unpack an insect net than a 1-2-3-and-ready installation. Plus, you don’t have to worry about ruining your window frames with some suspicious glue. Win-win!

Putukavõrk, sääsevõrk

2. Suitable for both windows and doors

Exactly! If you still want to enjoy the fresh air and sun through the door, you can now do it without insects. If the insect net glued to the window frame is still somehow excusable, then an adhesive solution is not suitable for the door, neither in theory nor in practice. However, the hinged door net allows you to enjoy summer and warm weather like never before. There is no substitute for this powerful feeling if you can keep all the doors and windows of your home open without having to whip out other “guests” with a fly whip.

3. Reusable insect net is an environmentally friendly and durable solution

And as one infamous TopShop phrase says … That’s not all! You will remove our insect net from the window in the autumn, store it in a barn or under bed and use it again next year. Rulo makes sure that our and as well your ecological footprint is as small as possible. If you prefer a long-lasting solution, you have made a small but important contribution to preserving the environment. 🙂

Summer may still be behind the mountains, but the insects are sneaking in earlier. So be cunning and exemplary and order an insect net that is right for your window or door size! Seasonal special offers can be found on our social media.