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Convenience service for those who haven't ordered blinds from us yet because they don't know how to/don't want to/ can not be bothered to/ can not make it to/ are not able to . We offer -15% discount for Rulo+ service clients, throughout the year.

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When we started with the idea of Rulo, we were convinced that ordering blinds would be made easy by a convenient e-store, tangible selection, fast delivery and the best customer service in the world. Life has also shown it, but based on the mission, we cannot stop until ordering blinds is really easy. Rulo+ is a service for you if ordering blinds/folders gets stuck behind comfort, manual skills, self-confidence or procrastination. We offer pleated blinds, cassette blinds and textile blinds for our Rulo+ convenience service clients with -15% discount throughout the year.

Rulo+ convenience service includes:

  • -15% discount from e-store prices throughout the year
  • Measuring the windows
  • Fabric samples
  • Consultation
  • Calculations and quotations
  • Installation service
  • 5 years warranty
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The Rulo+ convenience service adapts to orders from 4 blinds. Smaller orders can be made conveniently from this e-shop

NB! In the case of the Rulo+ service, it should be noted that we produce and send the blinds to your desired address within 7-10 working days. If the order has arrived and the customer has informed us about it, the installer will call within 2 working days at the latest to agree on the exact installation time.

Feedback from RULO+ customers on the convenience service:

We were very satisfied with the service, couldn't ask for better.
Aliis N
Service and communication are at a very good level. The only thing is, there is little information about Soma engines. There is a lot of talk, but little real important information. But Rulo's company itself is very okay
Triinu T
Everything was great!!
Monika E
Would not change anything, everything is very good. Communication is quick and convenient, always ready to help
Kätlin S

I would like to order RULO+ convenience service

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    Description of Rulo+ service process:

    1. Send us an inquiry, with info of how many windows need to be measured and covered. Please add as much information as possible about the type of window coverings and fabrics you want to use
    2. We will send you a 25€ prepayment invoice* for the measurement. Let us know when you have paid it so that the process is as quick as possible!
    3. We will pass on the information to our installer, who will call you within two working days to agree on the exact measurement time.
    4. Once the windows are measured, our customer manager will send you an offer. If the offer is suitable, we will send an invoice next. Once the invoice is paid, we will confirm the production plan of the order.
    5. We produce window coverings within 7-10 working days after 100% payment of the invoice. The order will be delivered to the delivery address by a courier company. When the window coverings have arrived, let us know again and we will pass on the information to the installer.
    6. The installer will contact you within two working days to arrange a time for installation**.

    * advance payment is offset from the final amount of the order. The advance payment is not refunded in case of cancellation of the order